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Hitmaker prides itself on being a talent launchpad into the music industry, where we prepare our students for commercial reality and success. Here, students are holistically trained to excel and progress into the various stages of their music journey – from meeting the standards of elite school placements, rising above the challenges of the creative industry, and for some, shining on the world stage.



To be the leading institute of creative music education provider


Enhance learning through real-life practical experience-based learning

Always In Sync With You

At Hitmaker Global Academy, being attuned to our students’ needs is key, and this is why we make it our mission to cater to learners of varied needs and stages. Wherever you are in life, and wherever you want to be, we’ve got you. Choose from our range of programmes that include certificates, diplomas, and more – all designed with the aim to take you to the next level of your musical & creative journey.

The Hitmaker Learning Experience

We aim to revolutionise the creative industry by integrating the current music education study with practical real-time learning via music and entertainment industry experts. Above all, in everything we do, we thrive on the Hitmaker Ethos – a guiding belief specially designed to help each unique student on his or her musical journey with us, with the hopes that they will take these values throughout their careers in the years to come.

Holistic & Inclusive

Holistic development of our people and student is what we do at Hitmaker. Our culture is diverse yet interconnected. Every Hitmaker is unique while belonging to the bigger community


Creativity and Adaptability are the keys to our sucess. We advocate innovative solutions in our daily challenges. The Hitmaker is an innovative learning solutionist who can hold his/her own in the real world.


We respond to challenges with tranquility. The Hitmaker is calm and resilient, gentle yet strong in today’s challenging landscape.

Standards & Levels

Introduction to Hitmaker Standards

Hitmaker Global Academy adopts the UK benchmark for music education. Our curriculum aligns with the Ofqual music levels, widely recognized in the United Kingdom and internationally. Our students will benefit from a structured and comprehensive music education that covers theory, performance, composition and relevant creative industries skills. With the adoption of the UK benchmark, we aim to provide our students with a high-quality music education that will prepare them for a successful career in the music industry in Singapore and internationally.

Knowing the Levels

Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) is a non-ministerial government department in the United Kingdom that regulates qualifications, examinations, and assessments in England. One area that they regulate is music qualifications, and they have a set of music levels that are recognized and widely used in the UK.

The Ofqual music levels are a set of graded music qualifications that measure a student’s proficiency in music. There are eight levels, with level one being the most basic and level eight being the most advanced.

Here’s a breakdown of the different levels:

Level 1 (ABRSM/RSL Grade 1 – 3): This is an entry-level qualification designed for those just starting with music. It covers basic music theory, listening skills, and playing simple pieces.

Level 2 (ABRSM/RSL Grade 4 – 5): This level is designed for students with some music experience and covers more advanced music theory, listening skills, and playing more complex pieces.

Level 3 (ABRSM/RSL Grade 6 – 8 or GCSE A’Level): This level is equivalent to a GCSE in music and covers a broad range of musical styles and genres. Students at this level will need to have a good understanding of music theory and the ability to play a variety of pieces.

Level 4: 1st year Bachelor in Music equivalent

Level 5: 2nd year Bachelor in Music equivalent

Level 6: 3rd year Bachelor in Music equivalent

Level 7: Normally a 2-year post graduate study that equates to a Master of Music

Level 8: Doctorate in Music (DMus), Doctor of Philosophy

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