In Perfect Harmony

We work with some of the leading institutions and organisations globally to bring our students the best in education. Our long-standing relationships with various institutions, all highly established in their various specialities, enable us to give our students the best of all worlds, just by learning with us. To date, we have worked with organisations such as OpenTrack, Academy of the Music and Performing Arts and Avid Education.

Education Partnerships

Thomas Carr College

Hitmaker X Thomas Carr: Together we shine our light into the world.

In this reimagined collaboration, Hitmaker Global Academy, renowned as Singapore’s first high school specializing in music and creative arts, partners with Thomas Carr College, a prestigious institution based in Victoria, Australia, to offer the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) programme in Singapore. This partnership marks a significant milestone, with Thomas Carr College acting as the mentoring school for the VCE offshore programme, guiding and supporting Hitmaker Global Academy in delivering this internationally recognized qualification.

Academy of the Music and Performing Arts (AMPA)

A learning experience at one of Australia’s leading tertiary providers of music, dance and performing arts education.

The Academy of Music And Performing Arts (AMPA) is one of Australia’s leading tertiary providers of performing arts education.

Educating and inspiring young artists for over 30 years, AMPA remains committed to providing the highest quality in music and performing arts degrees, including music production and composition, contemporary and classical music, music theatre and dance performance (contemporary, ballet and jazz).

With its distinctive personal approach, high calibre teaching staff, emphasis on performance-based study and individual study designs, AMPA equips talented artists with the skills essential to succeed as musicians, dancers, performing artists, composers, producers, choreographers, directors, teachers and industry professionals in Australia and around the world. Given the demands of such highly competitive industries, AMPA’s ultimate priority is to develop inspirational and proficient artists who will leave a lasting impact on whichever field they choose.

Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS)

Learning opportunities from an Independent MBA business school

UBSS is registered as a higher education provider in Australia by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Its courses are highly recognised; they are listed on the TEQSA Register of approved courses and providers (under Group Colleges Australia, its parent company).

At Hitmaker, we do our best to facilitate educational exchange and articulations between faculty members of both schools. We work together on academic writing about various topics circling around education. This initiative is connected by MUSICUM20, an international co-operative venture that brings together personnel from various institutions with a focus on music education.

Industry Partnership

A Strategic Future for Creative Arts Entrepreneurs

Creating opportunities and building dreams for future creative leaders

Hitmaker Records aims to shape the next generation of creative entrepreneurs who are empowered with the creative talent, technical expertise, and communicative charisma to be the next Hitmakers on the global stage. The greatest gift of music & artistic talent lies in its capacity to evoke experiences and express emotions that touches souls with no boundaries and limitations. Hitmaker Records establishes a holistic experience and development in the music and arts and a bridge into further education and the creative industry.

J-POP Music Group

An accomplished international music production & publishing company, J-POP Music Group equips students with everything they need to excel. From the song-writing process to adding the final touches at the mastering studio, J-POP Music Group meticulously communicates with its creative team to carefully sculpt and deliver chart-topping hit after hit.

Founded by Hitmaker’s Chief Creatibe Officer Jeff Miyahara, J-POP strives to foster industry-related connections, glean knowledge and insights from Global Experience tutors from across the world, as well as create industry placement opportunities for Hitmaker students. To date, we have facilitated practical projects with artistes such as Haruma Miura, KEYTALK and more. We also have a satellite campus in Japan to give students a taste of the real world, through practical experiences such as internships and workshops.

Avid Certified Education Partner

Globally-recognised certifications for AVID Certified User and Instructor Training

Avid Certification gives professionals the credentials they need to enhance their value, competency and efficiency in today’s highly competitive media industry. Recognised by leading music, post-production, movie, television and broadcasting organisations globally, the Certification validates one’s expertise in various aspects, such as an Avid User, Administrator, Developer, or Support Representative.

As an Avid Learning Partner the only one in Singapore to date , we offer our students certifications for User and Instructor Training, under the Avid Learning Partner (ALP) programme. By combining the market presence and instructional excellence of our partners with the content, curriculum and Certification developed by Avid’s product experts and course developers, we can ensure Avid learners achieve the highest level of success possible – wherever they are in their careers, or wherever they aspire to be.

Avid Learning Partners have access to the official Avid curriculum and Certification exams, Avid Certified Instructors (ACIs), dedicated programme staff, and co-marketing resources to support implementation of Avid training products. Hitmaker is also proud to be the only Learning Partner in Singapore to date qualified to train ACIs.

Training & Qualification Partnership

Victorian Curriculum And Assessment Authority

Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) 

The Victorian Certificate of Education (often abbreviated VCE) is one credential available to secondary school students who successfully complete year 11 and 12 in Victoria, it is the predominant choice for students wishing to pursue tertiary education. The VCAA conducts external assessments for units 3/4 studies which includes written examinations, oral examinations or performances based on the study. In addition, the VCAA also administers the General Achievement Test (GAT), taken by all Victorian students prior to completing their VCE.

The VCAA has taken a leading role in expanding delivery of the Victorian curriculum internationally. The framework to support this includes a northern hemisphere timetable. In 2015-16, more than 1400 students participated in VCAA assessment programs with 25 overseas providers and in 2015, 460 students completed the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) with offshore providers.


Vocational Qualifications for music practitioners

RSL was founded on an ethos to provide innovative, contemporary qualifications for music and the arts. Being at the forefront of the industry for over 25 years, its operations include Rockschool Graded Music Exams, Professional Diplomas, Vocational Qualifications (VQ’s) and Performance Arts Awards (PAA).

A specialist contemporary arts awarding body, RSL is known for its excellence in creating engaging qualifications to reflect the changing demands of the creative industries, with an ongoing commitment to motivate and support teachers and learners alike.

The school prides itself on delivering the most academically rigorous, industry-relevant qualifications designed to support aspiring artists, educators and teaching establishments – wherever they may be. Hitmaker works with RSL on vocational studies and grading exams – this means you can access some of RSL’s courses, certifications and qualifications through us.


Hitmaker X Opentrack: Learn from the best, anytime, from anywhere you are.

Here’s where you can advance your music career with world-class courses, all easily accessible on the world wide web. OpenTrack features over 50 music industry leaders, world-class musicians, as well as prestigious and established companies and universities. With us, you’ll be able to glean insights from shining talents such as American keyboardist and producer Doc Skim of BTS fame, Grammy Award winner Carlton Lynn, and many other instructors ready to share gems from their wealth of experience and achievements.

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