At Hitmaker Global Academy, You Will…

Up your musical game

At any stage you are with courses of different levels – from certificates to diplomas and degrees.

Gain access to some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world

Thanks to longstanding partnerships we have fostered over the years.

Have a well-rounded education in everything music-related

Because whether it’s learning the technical aspects of music, its history, or master the business of music, we will help you on your journey.

Earn a well-recognised qualification

That can take you far in life, whether you should decide to further your studies, or dive right into an exciting career in music.

Learn the business of music

with courses specialising in entrepreneurship

Get help in making things happen

Thanks to the network and connections our people and partners have forged throughout their cumulative decades of time in the industry.

At Hitmaker Global Academy, You Will…

Hitmaker Global Academy’s graduates have progressed to various prestigious institutions and positions in the music industry. Some have continued their education at renowned music schools in many countries such as the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore, while others have secured positions at top music companies like Sony Music and Universal Music. Hitmaker Global Academy’s comprehensive curriculum and hands-on approach to music education have provided its graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the competitive music industry. Here’s some of the institutions:

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