Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Hitmaker, we go beyond helping students achieve their goals and reach new heights in the music industry, we endeavour to do good for the society, through what we do best. We are constantly seeking opportunities to give back to the community, and our students and staff are often happy to share their time, skills and passions to make it happen.

National Youth Entrepreneurship Competition 2021

Making entrepreneurship dreams in the music arena possible.

Hitmaker believes in creating opportunities for promising individuals. In 2021, we came on board the National Youth Entrepreneurship Competition (NYEC) as a sponsor. . NYEC is a regional competition where high school students pit their skills against each other over eight months to compete to have the business plans funded by the judging panel, which comprised successful businessmen, venture capitalists and investors.

NYEC builds upon a novel new learning pedagogy, Challenge-based Learning, which aims to help high school students link campus knowledge and social practice experience. This method is highly effective in helping students adapt to society, comprehend entrepreneurship and practice innovation.

Participants had the opportunity to rub shoulders with investors, entrepreneurs and executives; they are also empowered to showcase their skills and talents to outstand political and business guests and judges who bring along real-life business experiences.

Hitmaker, with our panel of GEX directors, will take the lead in creating opportunities to groom the next Hitmaker. The music edition will see students producing their music and pitching their business plans.

A Tribute To Henan

A show of support for the victims and survivors of the Henan 2021 floods.

In July 2021, China’s Henan province was devastated by severe flooding, after a period of prolonged heavy rainfall. Lives were lost, thousands were evacuated, and many lost their homes.

As news of the floods in Henan reached the ears of those in Singapore, Li Xin, Clarinetist with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, who was originally from Henan, could only watch the disaster unravel from afar. Eventually, to his relief, he received news that his family was safe and sound. Filled with gratitude for the help rendered to them, he felt strong stirrings in his heart to do something for the people of Henan.

He quickly made contact with the creative team at Hitmaker Global Academy to produce a song. His story struck us, and we accepted his request. We roped in some talented individuals in our midst –Hitmaker student Qiu Jiahua and Producer Jerry Poh. Together, we produced the song “河南有你”.

Dedicated to Henan, its people and their families, this song symbolises our hopes that the power of music accompanies the province as it contemplates its loss and rebuilds the city. This song is also to thank all who have contributed in one way or other in support of Henan. May the fighting spirit of Henan be strong and always filled with hope.

This song is dedicated to Henan and its people. Our thoughts are with Henan and may the power of music accompany the province as it contemplates its loss and rebuilds the city.

Sea International Songwriting Competition 2020

Making music to save the Earth.

In 2020, we co-organised an international songwriting competition –, the Sea International Songwriting Competition 2020. Themed “A Song For The Sea”, the competition aimed to raise awareness for marine conservation. It sought to encourage creativity in support of The International SeaKeepers Society, to raise awareness for marine conservation and the impact it has on our environment. The hope was for individuals and corporations to be spurred into action in the global movement to save the Earth, through the power of music.

The winning songwriters attended a three-day workshop, where they received first-hand experience in the production and mixing process undertaken by the competition’s Production Partners J-POP and United Records. They also got to see their songs being recorded by professional artistes!

Plans are in the pipeline for these produced songs to be digitally distributed by Hitmaker Records to major international music platforms, with their copyrights managed by Hitmaker.

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