Daryl Tay Wen Qiang

Lecturer at Hitmaker Global Academy

A versatile and adaptable multi-reed musician, Fabian has performed and recorded for local and international artists. He has performed and recorded with David Foster, Incognito, Jam Hsiao, Kit Chan, Stephanie Sun, Eric Moo, J.J. Lin, Joanna Dong, Elva Hsiao, Olivia Ong, Chyi Yu, Wan Fang, Jeff Chang, Sandy Lam, A-Mei, Sky Wu, Joanna Wang, Wang Chi-Ping, Soda Green, Dick Lee, Jeremy Monteiro, the late Iskandar Ismail, 五条人,and many others.

Fabian performs in many music genres, from musical theatre to jazz and classical. He was a musician for popular theatre productions such as Disney’s Aladdin, West End-casted The Addams Family, Tropicana the Musical, Singing in the Rain, Facing Goya, Company, and Santa Claus The Musical. He is often involved in local theatre productions by Dream Academy, Pangdemonium, and W!ldRice. Fabian is a trained and experienced music educator. He has taught and conducted school bands and choirs, working with children and adults from 6 to 65. An alumnus from Berklee College of Music, Fabian also holds a teaching post graduate diploma and a master degree in music education from the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, where he was previously an adjunct lecturer. He is currently lecturing at LaSalle College of the Arts. In pursuit of music education, Fabian is currently a doctoral candidate at Boston University.

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