Lee Churn Kiew

Senior Lecturer for VCE High School at Hitmaker Global Academy

Mr. Dickson Lee Churn Kiew is renowned for his educational achievements and being Singapore’s mathematics prodigy. Recognised by a multitude of parents and students alike, Mr. Lee embodies the essence of the Chinese proverb “欲穷千里目,更上一层楼,” which translates to “To see a thousand miles further, go up one more floor.” This adage resonates with his philosophy of constantly striving for greater heights in understanding and knowledge, an ideal he imparts to his students.

A scholar adorned with the PSC Merit Scholarship (Teaching) and the Japan Airlines Scholarship from the National University of Singapore, Mr. Lee’s academic journey is inspiring and impressive. His Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, which he attained in 1988, and his more than two decades of dedicated teaching at the prestigious Nanyang Polytechnic of Singapore have provided him with a robust foundation for his career in education.

For over 22 years, many have recognised and cherished Mr. Lee’s passion for mathematics and his dedication to teaching. His ability to convey complex mathematical concepts clearly and his genuine enthusiasm for the subject have endeared him to his students, fostering a new generation that sees Mathematics as a subject and a fascinating language of the universe.

Mr. Lee’s varied interests, such as scuba diving, flying, and horseback riding, are a testament to his multifaceted personality. These hobbies complement his professional life, giving him unique insights and experiences that he adeptly integrates into his teaching methodology.

In Mr. Lee’s educational pursuit, he aims to inspire his students to climb to new levels of excellence, much like the meaning behind the proverb. His vision is for his students to grow into individuals who contribute significantly to society and make their families proud.

Mr Dickson Lee Churn Kiew’s reputation as Singapore’s mathematics prodigy and his adherence to the principle of “欲穷千里目,更上一层楼” have made him a sought-after educator, one who not only teaches Mathematics but also motivates students to expand their horizons and reach for tremendous success continuously.

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