Matthew Siew

Avid Certified Instructor, Senior lecturer and Talent Development Director

The multi-talented Matthew Siew possesses a multitude of skills that he is always looking to sharpen, and ready to share with his students. For instance, he is adept in music notation, where he is known to have skilfully arranged music for various instrumentation and applications such as choir, string quartet, a capella and more. He is also trained to use various musical instruments, and is especially skilled in piano, keyboard, guitar and drums. Highly versatile in terms of music style, Matthew understands the art and techniques of Funk, Jazz, Rock, Latin, Pop, Reggae, amongst many other styles.

With Matthew, it is more than just knowledge – the seasoned performer brings along a wealth of real-life experience to help inspire students who aspire to make their marks on stage. Having performed at over a thousand events and concerts across the world, Matthew is no stranger to the both the excitement and unpredictability at such events, bringing to students a well-rounded perspective of performing live.

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