Ning Fangliang

Central Conservatory of Music | Violinist, Chamber Musician |
Tutor at the Central Conservatory of Music

Amber Quartet Founder, First Violin

Ning Fangliang is an outstanding violinist and chamber musician in China today, active in the international stage, currently teaching in the Central Conservatory of Music.

Ning Fangliang, as the founder and first violin of the Amber Quartet, has achieved a historic breakthrough in Chinese classical music: in 2013, the Amber Quartet won the highest prize and two individual prizes in the Melbourne Asia Pacific International Chamber Music Competition, becoming the first Chinese quartet to win the highest prize in the International Chamber Music Competition, achieving a breakthrough of zero in the international professional competition of Chinese chamber music. Conductor Lorin Maazle praised the Amber Quartet as “they’re a great quartet!” And the chamber music master, G?nter Pichler, said, “They will be the leaders of the world quartet.” “

In addition, Ning Fangliang also won a series of honours, including the Chinese music “Golden Bell Award”, CCTV Violin Competition Gold Award. She has also served as the chief of the “Chinese Youth Symphony Orchestra”, the “China Youth Symphony Orchestra” chief and the guest chief of the Japanese “Ozawa Zhenger Music Festival”, which Ozawa has called “excellent chief of musical talent”. Ning Fangliang has also received a number of honours, including the China National Scholarship, the Central Conservatory of Music Scholarship, the Wanderer Musicians Fund, the Hong Kong “Wu Fengzhou” Scholarship, the Albenniz Scholarship in Spain, etc. In 2010, Ning Fangliang was awarded the title of “Beijing Four Middle School” resident artist, and in 2015 was awarded the highest honour certificate by the Central Conservatory of Music in recognition of her international honour for the Academy and the country.

Ning Fangliang received interviews with a series of domestic and foreign authoritative media including “The Strad”, Abc Radio Australia, China Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and other authoritative media, and maintained close cooperation with the world’s leading musicians, such as Ozawa, Charles Neidich, David Shifrin, Paul Meyer, Phlippe Berrod, Hu Kun and others.

Ning Fangliang graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music and the Madrid International Chamber Music Academy, and Professor Lin Yaoji, Professor Xue Wei, and the world-renowned Abanberger quartet Professor G?nter Pichler. Ning Fangliang uses the violin for the China Foundation, and the box is sponsored by the French company Bam.

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