Peter Leong Min En

Composer | Arranger | Piano (Pop, Jazz & classical) | Vocal | Conductor | Lecturer at Hitmaker Global Academy | Programme Lead for Hitmaker Junior Academy

Peter is an accomplished performer and music educator. As a composer, Peter composed and arranged songs such as The Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea”, arranged and performed The Fusion version of Bumblebee – Piano version. He conducted an Orchestra in Taiwan with a crowd of 2,500 audiences.

In 2014, Peter won the Gold medal for the Fuqing Choral Competition, the best pianist for the National Anthem Choral Competition in 2007.

Peter graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree from the National Chi Yi University of Taiwan. Peter is trained with music pedagogy such as Orff Method, Kodaly Method, Game music Method, Dalcroze Method and Vocal teaching method.

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