Professor Ian Bofinger

Academic & Examination board | Executive Dean of AMPA

Professor Ian Bofinger has had a diverse career in music, combining his background in performance
(violoncello solo, chamber music and orchestral), management and blended learning education

Ian commenced his professional career as a Lecturer in ‘Cello at the Queensland Conservatorium of
Music (Griffith University) in 1998, whilst working with the Queensland Symphony and Queensland
Philharmonic Orchestras.
In 1991, Ian moved to the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music where he ultimately became
Deputy Director (2002-2005) and foundation ‘cellist of the Lyrebird Trio. During this time he
completed his Doctoral Studies where he co-founded (with Greg Whateley) Australia’s first ‘Virtual

In 2005, Ian relocated to Sydney to take up the position of Deputy Dean and Head, Academic Studies
and Information Services at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM). The original requirements of this
position at AIM were to update three of the weakest and maligned areas at the Institute – Academic
Studies, Information Technology and the Library.
The opportunity to step outside of the music discipline came in early 2009 when Ian became
Manager, TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) at the University of Western Sydney College.
Later in 2009, Ian returned to the Australian Institute of Music to take up his current position as
Executive Dean. In the 6 years from 2009 – 2015, Ian has been instrumental in the rapid growth and
development of AIM to become the largest music school in the southern hemisphere. In this time,
AIM more than doubled its campus size, income and student numbers. Ian also designed and
implemented a second major campus of AIM, which was operational in the CBD of Melbourne at the
beginning of 2014.

Ian is currently the Executive Dean and CEO at the Australian Academy of Music and Performing Arts
(AMPA). The Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) is one of Australia’s leading tertiary
providers of performing arts education. Educating and inspiring young artists for over 20 years, AMPA
remains committed to providing the highest quality in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees
focussing on the performing arts, including contemporary, jazz and classical music, dance
performance (modern, ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop), music theatre, composition/music
production and arts management.

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