Xu Zhong

Cello Instructor at Hitmaker Global Academy

A professional piano teacher for over a decade, Xu Zhong has played a huge role in nurturing a wealth of performing talent in Singapore.

Just four when he first discovered his passion for music, he was trained in music throughout all his childhood and adolescent years, up till university. In university, he attended the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, learning cello under the tutelage of renowned cello instructor Zong Bai.

He later toured with the China Youth Symphony Orchestra, and in 2000 left to study abroad in Germany at the Mainz Conservatory of Music, from where he graduated with masters in cello performance and chamber music. His acclaimed personal graduation concert was held in 2004. In 2015, his alma mater, the Central Conservatory of Music invited him back as one of its most famous graduates to participate in a series of major events in celebration of the institution’s 75th anniversary.

Xu Zhong has been the cello principal of SCO since 2004. With the orchestra he has also toured the world not only as an ensemble player, but also as a soloist and lead player.

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