Yang Yichen

Central Conservatory of Music
Cellist, Chamber Musician

Yang Yichen, a teacher at the Central Conservatory of Music, was born in Beijing and is from Taiwan, where his grandfather was also a famous composer. Yang Yichen has achieved remarkable achievements in the field of classical music in China as a cellist and chamber musician. In 2005 he launched amber quartet Amber Quartet.

In 2011, the Amber Quartet won the Gold Award in the Chamber Music Competition of the Central Conservatory of Music and the Silver Award of the Golden Bell Award for Chinese Music (Chamber Music). In 2013, the Amber Quartet won the “Highest Prize in the Competition” and two individual awards in the Melbourne Asia Pacific International Chamber Music Competition, achieving the Chinese Quartet’s “Zero Breakthrough” in the International Chamber Music Competition.

Yang Yichen and the Amber Quartet performed in concert halls in dozens of countries around the world, receiving interviews with dozens of domestic and foreign media, including the world’s leading music magazine ” The Strad”, China Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Music Weekly, Beijing News and other domestic and foreign media. Today, the Amber Quartet, as a representative group in the field of Chinese chamber music, has been invited to hold special concerts at several world-renowned music festivals, such as the “Bonn Beethoven Festival” and the Canadian “MISQA” String Quartet Festival, which has gained high recognition from the world music scene and is known as “one of the leading international chamber music players” (Alban Berg Quartet, G?nter Pichler)

Yang Has won several honours: He has won gold and silver awards in the 6th Chinese Cello Competition, the Central Conservatory of Music Cello Competition and the Central Conservatory of Music Concerto Open; Yang Yichen served as the chief cello of the Chinese Youth Symphony Orchestra and the chief cello of the famous chamber orchestra of the Central Conservatory of Music. In 2010, Yang Yichen was awarded the title of “Beijing Four Middle School” resident artist was selected as having “talent” program in 2014, and received the highest honour certificate from the Central Conservatory of Music in 2015. In 2019, he was selected as a young talent project of the National Endowment for the Arts.

As a teacher, Yang Yichen’s students have won the highest prize in the Singapore International Chamber Music Competition, the Hong Kong International String Competition and the Morning Side Cup cello competition. At the same time, Yang Yichen served as the headteacher of the Central Conservatory of Music. He has won the Central Conservatory of Music outstanding class director medal, led the class won the “Advanced Class Body in Beijing” honorary title. Since 2016, Yang Yichen has served as a judge of the Central Conservatory of Music and a number of domestic music competitions.

Yang Yichen is committed to the promotion and popularization of classical music in China. As the concert presenter, he innovatively combines the stage with the podium and presents the spiritual core of classical music to the public. The live video of the 2019 concert series “Listening string quartet and the history of classical music”, delivered by Yang Yichen, was included in the National Library of China and was selected as the “Learning Power” platform of the Ministry of Central Propaganda.

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