Hitmaker Global Academy and School of Performing Arts Seoul Announce Landmark Collaboration in partnership with INGROUP Exchange

SINGAPORE – Mar 28, 2023 – In an historic moment for performing arts education, Hitmaker Global Academy, SOPA (School of Performing Arts Seoul), and INGROUP Exchange have announced a groundbreaking collaboration. A memorandum of understanding was signed between Hitmaker and SOPA on March 28, 2023, solidifying a partnership to establish K-Pop high school curriculum and promote cultural exchange, foster talent, and elevate global music education standards.

This collaboration signals a bold step in creating a more dynamic and globally integrated educational experience for students. It will leverage the strengths of each institution to provide opportunities for cultural and academic exchange, while nurturing the next generation of international music and performing arts talent.

Andy Wong, co-founder and Executive Director of Hitmaker Global Academy, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership. “Our collaboration with SOPA and INGROUP Exchange is a testament to our commitment towards providing world-class education that transcends borders,” he said. “This partnership is poised to offer students unparalleled exposure to global music industry practices, furthering their development as versatile artists.”

SOPA, a leading performing arts school in South Korea renowned for its role in cultivating K-Pop talent, echoed this sentiment. “We are excited to join hands with Hitmaker Global Academy and INGROUP Exchange,” said Director of Operations, Jonas Lee. “By bringing together diverse cultural perspectives, we can offer a rich, globalized learning environment that nurtures talent and stimulates creativity.”

Meanwhile, INGROUP Exchange, known for its excellence in enabling international student exchange programs, will be playing a pivotal role in coordinating student and faculty exchange between the two schools.

“Through this partnership, students will not only gain invaluable insights from different musical traditions and techniques but also experience different cultures firsthand,” said Jeff Miyaha, Chief Creative Officer of Hitmaker Global Academy. “We believe this will significantly enhance their holistic development and help them stand out in today’s globally connected music industry.”

As part of the collaboration, both schools plan to host a series of workshops, guest lectures, and cultural exchange programs. They also aim to introduce a dual-degree program, enabling students to earn certifications from both institutions.

Hitmaker Global Academy is a leading institution for music and creative arts education. The Academy offers innovative curriculum designed by industry professionals, preparing students for success in the global music industry.

About School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) SOPA is one of South Korea’s premier arts schools, renowned for cultivating many of the country’s top performers, particularly in the K-Pop genre. SOPA is committed to providing rigorous and specialized performing arts education, helping students realize their artistic dreams.

About INGROUP Exchange INGROUP Exchange is an international educational services provider that facilitates exchange programs between institutions around the globe. INGROUP Exchange helps foster cultural understanding and enrich educational experiences for students worldwide.

Press Contact: Andy Wong, Director of Communications Hitmaker Global Academy

Note: For more information about Hitmaker Global Academy, visit | For more on SOPA, visit More information about INGROUP Exchange can be found at

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