Hitmaker Global Academy Welcomes Nic Lee as Chief Audio Engineer and COO of Hitmaker Records

SINGAPORE, 1 February 2023 — The Hitmaker Global Academy, a world-renowned institute for music education and professional development, is proud to announce the appointment of Nic Lee as its Chief Audio Engineer and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Hitmaker Records.

Nic, a distinguished name in the music industry, brings a rich background of music production, sound design, and performance to his new role at Hitmaker Global Academy. He will leverage his extensive experience and multifaceted skill set to further the Academy’s mission of nurturing global talents in the creative arts and music industry.

Previously a lead vocalist and guitarist for the champion band “Milubing” in the Superband Competition by Channel U in 2006, Nic has also been a performing artist at the Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company (SAF MDC) and held significant roles in top record labels including Mediacorp, Warner Music, and United Records.

As a music producer, arranger, and composer, Nic has collaborated with esteemed local artists and worked on a wide range of projects, from record tracks and commercials to corporate jobs. He has been a driving force behind numerous successful productions and is proficient in integrating analogue gear within a digital workflow, making him a formidable addition to the Hitmaker team.

In his role as the Chief Audio Engineer, Nic will oversee all audio-related aspects of the Academy’s operations, ensuring the best quality of sound in the Academy’s outputs. As COO of Hitmaker Records, he will direct the strategic planning, operational activities, and growth initiatives, helping guide the label’s artists to new heights of success.

“Nic’s addition to our team is a significant milestone for Hitmaker Global Academy and Hitmaker Records,” said Chang Hong, CEO of Hitmaker Global Academy. “His proven track record in the music industry, coupled with his passion for educating the next generation of musicians, aligns perfectly with our mission. We look forward to his contributions as we continue to advance the future of music education and production.”

About Hitmaker Global Academy:

Hitmaker Global Academy is a leading institute offering state-of-the-art education in creative arts and music. By bringing together award-winning industry experts, the Academy provides students with real practical learning experiences, preparing them for successful careers in the music industry.

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