Hitmaker Global Academy’s Esteemed Faculty Member, Andy Wong, Honoured with Adjunct Professorship at Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS)

SINGAPORE, 3 December 2022 – Hitmaker Global Academy is delighted to announce that its distinguished faculty member, Andy Wong, has been awarded an Adjunct Professorship at the esteemed Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS). This noteworthy accomplishment reinforces Mr. Wong’s stature as a respected educator in music and arts, and it underscores Hitmaker Global Academy’s commitment to fostering academic excellence.

The appointment of Adjunct Professor is a significant honor reserved for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional contributions to their field. Mr. Wong’s commitment to academic rigor, pedagogical innovation, and student success in the realm of music and creative arts education have been recognized through this prestigious appointment.

Emeritus Prodessor, Greg Whateley of Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS), expressed immense pride in Wong’s achievement. “Andy’s appointment as an Adjunct Professor at UBSS is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence in education. His accomplishment is a shining example of the quality of faculty at Hitmaker Global Academy.”

Mr. Wong’s Adjunct Professorship allows him to contribute to UBSS’s academic community while continuing his invaluable work at Hitmaker Global Academy. His ongoing commitment to advancing the field of creative arts education through research and innovation will significantly enhance the learning experiences of students at both institutions.

“Hitmaker Global Academy is deeply committed to nurturing talent and contributing to the progress of music education. Andy’s Adjunct Professorship with UBSS is a reflection of this commitment. We are confident that his contributions to both UBSS and our academy will be immensely beneficial for our students and the broader education community,” Greg added.

About Hitmaker Global Academy:

Hitmaker Global Academy is a leading Singapore-based institution offering specialized education in contemporary music and creative arts. The academy is dedicated to providing industry-relevant training, fostering academic rigor, and nurturing the next generation of global music industry professionals.

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