In a significant triumph for Singapore’s arts scene, Ricky Xu, a student from the Hitmaker Global Academy, has gained admission to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, located in Boston, Massachusetts. This accomplishment signals both Ricky’s extraordinary talent and Hitmaker Global Academy’s capacity to prepare students for acceptance into world-renowned institutions.

Berklee College of Music is internationally recognized as a leader in contemporary music education. Known for its rigorous curriculum and a star-studded list of alumni, including John Mayer, Quincy Jones, and Esperanza Spalding, gaining admission into Berklee is no small feat. Its acceptance rate is highly competitive, making Ricky’s achievement all the more remarkable.

Ricky, who has demonstrated exceptional skills and a deep commitment to the craft, will now have the opportunity to learn from some of the best educators in the field of contemporary music and collaborate with an international network of talented musicians at Berklee.

Andy Wong, co-founder and Executive Director of Hitmaker Global Academy, expressed immense pride in Ricky’s accomplishment. “This is a fantastic achievement and a testament to the hard work, talent, and passion that Ricky possesses,” he said. “At Hitmaker Global Academy, we are committed to providing the best learning environment to nurture our students’ artistic skills, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see these efforts bear fruit.”

Ricky’s acceptance into Berklee reflects the high standard of education at Hitmaker Global Academy. Known for its industry-relevant curriculum and experienced faculty, the academy provides students with comprehensive training, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the global music industry.

Andy further commented, “Our mission at Hitmaker Global Academy is to provide our students with world-class training that can lead them to global stages. Ricky’s admission to Berklee affirms that we are on the right track. It serves as an inspiration to our current students and prospective ones to continue to strive for excellence.”

As Ricky prepares to start his journey at Berklee College of Music, he represents the aspirations of many young musicians in Singapore and across the region. This milestone not only celebrates Ricky’s individual talent and determination but also highlights the significant role of institutions like Hitmaker Global Academy in shaping the next generation of music professionals.

We at Hitmaker Global Academy wish Ricky every success as he embarks on this exciting new chapter at Berklee College of Music and look forward to more of our students following in his footsteps.

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