Hitmaker Global Academy, VCAA, and Thomas Carr College Partner to Offer VCE Programme in Creative Arts in Singapore

SINGAPORE – Mar 17, 2023 – Hitmaker Global Academy, a pioneering institution in music and creative arts education, has announced a landmark collaboration with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), Australia, and Thomas Carr College, Melbourne. The partnership is set to introduce the prestigious Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) programme, with a focus on creative arts, to students in Singapore.

This groundbreaking initiative provides a pathway for Singaporean students to access an internationally recognized curriculum in creative arts, preparing them for further education and careers in music, arts, business and related fields globally.

Andy Wong, co-founder and Executive Director of Hitmaker Global Academy, spoke passionately about the collaboration. “Partnering with esteemed institutions like VCAA and Thomas Carr College reaffirms our commitment to providing top-tier arts education,” he said. “By offering the specialized VCE programme, we’re giving students the resources they need to excel in their artistic endeavours, setting the stage for them to make significant impacts in the global creative scene.”

The VCE, a senior secondary certificate recognized worldwide, provides a comprehensive curriculum covering diverse disciplines including music, theatre, dance, visual arts, business and media. Through this programme, students will acquire critical skills and knowledge essential for thriving in their chosen artistic fields.

Mr. Tom Bridges, Vice-Principal of Thomas Carr College, shared mutual excitement about the partnership. “This collaboration is a testament to our shared goal of enhancing arts education worldwide,” said Mr Tom. “We believe the blend of our curriculum with Hitmaker Global Academy’s innovative teaching methods will provide an enriching learning experience for students.”

Tom added, “Thomas Carr College is thrilled to be a part of this international partnership. Our contribution to the VCE programme’s implementation in Singapore reflects our commitment to empowering students with comprehensive arts education.”

The VCE programme will commence from the upcoming academic year at Hitmaker Global Academy, further strengthening the institution’s standing as a trailblazer in global music and arts education.

About Hitmaker Global Academy Hitmaker Global Academy is a leading institution for music and creative arts education. Through innovative curriculum and world-class teaching, the academy is shaping the future of the global music industry.

About Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) The VCAA is a statutory authority in Victoria, Australia, committed to providing high-quality curriculum, assessment, and reporting that enables lifelong learning.

About Thomas Carr College Thomas Carr College is a respected co-educational school in Melbourne, Australia. Known for its academic excellence, the college fosters a vibrant learning environment that nurtures each student’s potential.

Press Contact: Andy Wong Director of Communications Hitmaker Global Academy

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