Nic Lee is an accomplished music producer, arranger, composer, artist, and lecturer, recognized for his dynamic career in the music and media scene since 2005. His extensive range of talents extends from creating music to educating the next generation of artists.

Nic first came into the limelight as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band “Milubing,” which emerged as the champion of the nationwide Superband Competition by Channel U in 2006. The band’s considerable success led them to sign with Singapore’s Mediacorp and Warner Music from 2006 – 2011. Currently associated with United Records, Nic’s early years also saw him performing as an artist with the Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company (SAF MDC).

Beyond his personal performance career, Nic has also enriched the music scene with his contributions as a music producer and arranger. Collaborating with acclaimed local artists and veterans like Lee Si Song and Lee Wei Song, he has also worked on productions by Mayday’s Monster, Hu Hai Quan, and MM2, among others. His work comprises record tracks, commercials, and corporate jobs, highlighting his versatility in the field.

Known for thriving in dynamic environments, Nic possesses the technical knowledge and practical expertise to build audio systems and studios from the ground up. His proficiency in integrating analogue gear within a digital workflow, combined with his advanced skills in producing, recording, music arrangement, and mixing, make him a valuable asset in any project.

As a dedicated educator, Nic has had a significant impact on music education. Serving as the Head of the Audio Department, he oversees fellow lecturers, executes curriculum content, and lectures for the Level 5 Advanced Diploma Performance and Recording program. He has also been instrumental in launching the songwriting course in the “I AM TALENTED” initiative under CDC, providing opportunities for Singaporean youth to explore their musical talents.

One of his notable educational contributions is his involvement in the Yellow Ribbon Songwriting Competition since 2013. In this initiative, 50-60 inmates undergo training, co-create songs, and participate in a competition. As part of the core team and mentor, Nic has played an integral role in this transformational project.

Nic’s portfolio of work spans across various genres and platforms, from producing relaxing Zen and meditating music for “Simplicity” to contributing as a Drum Recording Studio Engineer for Xiao Bing Chih’s song “痛快世代”. His work has also been featured in Mediacorp Drama Serial Theme Songs and he has been involved in the production of nationwide songs in response to COVID-19.

With a Diploma from the School of Audio Engineering, Nic Lee is a versatile talent in the music industry who continues to contribute his expertise as a professional and educator. Whether it’s producing music, arranging sounds, or guiding the next generation of musicians, Nic’s passion and commitment resonate in every project he undertakes.

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