About Victorian Certificate of Education

About VCE

The VCE, or Victorian Certificate of Education, is an internationally recognised qualification that can be used to apply to study at universities not only in Australia but also across the globe. This senior secondary qualification is predominantly undertaken by students in Years 11 and 12 in Victoria, Australia. The curriculum is diverse, encompassing subjects across the humanities and social sciences, languages, the arts, technology, science, and mathematics.

Recognising the growing demand for quality education globally, the VCE programme has extended its wings to international destinations, including Singapore. Students in Singapore now have the opportunity to pursue this prestigious qualification, further cementing the island nation’s reputation as an educational hub in Asia.

Completing the VCE not only opens doors to tertiary education but also provides pathways to advanced certificate courses, specialised training opportunities, and a broad spectrum of employment avenues. Moreover, students who triumphantly complete the VCE Offshore Program are eligible to attain an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). This ATAR serves as a key to applying for entrance into all Australian universities and is recognised by numerous prestigious institutions worldwide.

Hitmaker x Thomas Carr College

In the heart of Victoria, Australia, stands Thomas Carr College, a pillar of academic distinction and an embodiment of educational foresight. Its reputation transcends local boundaries, making ripples in the international education scene. In an ambitious stride towards global education, Thomas Carr College has partnered with Hitmaker Global Academy in Singapore, serving as a mentoring institution for the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) programme. This collaboration isn’t just about forging academic ties; it’s a convergence of two educational powerhouses with a shared vision of cultivating the next generation of thinkers and leaders.

With Thomas Carr College’s vast experience and in-depth understanding of the VCE curriculum, the partnership promises to instil in Singaporean students an education that is both profound and globally recognized. Hitmaker Global Academy, with its commitment to innovation and excellence, stands as the perfect ally to bring this vision to fruition. 

Under the mentorship of Thomas Carr College, Hitmaker Global Academy’s VCE programme is designed to offer an all-rounded and thorough educational experience. The collaboration ensures that the VCE syllabus is delivered to the highest standards, equipping students with the requisite skills and knowledge to shine in their academic pursuits. This alliance is more than just an academic venture; it’s a testament to the transformative power of global educational partnerships. With the combined strengths of Thomas Carr College and Hitmaker Global Academy, the VCE programme in Singapore is poised to redefine academic milestones and chart a promising path for its students.

The Guiding Beacon for the VCE Programme in Singapore

Why study VCE at Hitmaker Global Academy

  • Niche Education: As Singapore’s only high school program with a primary focus on music, Hitmaker Global Academy stands out for its specialized curriculum. This niche focus allows students to immerse themselves deeply in their passion for music and the arts while pursuing academic excellence.
  • Industry-Relevant Skills: The academy’s curriculum is designed to equip students with skills that are highly valued in the music and creative arts industry, blending practical and theoretical knowledge.
  • Artistic and Academic Synergy: The integration of music and creative arts with the comprehensive VCE curriculum ensures a balanced educational experience, fostering both artistic talent and academic prowess.
  • Global Qualification: The VCE, recognized internationally, opens up worldwide opportunities for further education and career paths. This is a significant advantage for students aiming for international exposure.
  • Pathways to Global Universities: Successful completion of the VCE at Hitmaker Global Academy provides a pathway to prestigious universities worldwide, particularly in Australia, known for its vibrant arts scene and quality education system.
  • Tailored Educational Experience: Hitmaker Global Academy offers a personalized approach to education, catering to the unique needs and aspirations of each student, especially those inclined towards the creative arts.
  • Expert Guidance: The partnership with Thomas Carr College brings experienced mentorship and guidance, ensuring students receive the support they need to excel in both the creative and academic aspects of their education.
  • Culturally Rich Environment: Studying in Singapore, a hub of cultural diversity, provides students with a global perspective and a more inclusive understanding of different cultures, enhancing their creative expression and empathy.
  • All-Round Development: The academy’s emphasis on holistic development ensures students are not only academically and artistically proficient but also equipped with critical life skills like creative problem-solving, communication, and adaptability.

Music Stream

The music stream in an educational context typically refers to a specialized program or curriculum focused on the study and practice of music. This stream is designed for students with a keen interest in music, offering a combination of theoretical and practical learning experiences

Business Stream

The business stream in an educational setting, such as in a high school or college program, typically focuses on providing students with foundational knowledge and skills in various aspects of business and commerce. This stream is designed to prepare students for careers in the business world or for further studies in business-related fields

Art Stream

The Art Stream in an educational context, particularly in a high school or college program, focuses on nurturing creativity, artistic skills, and a deep understanding of visual arts. This stream is tailored for students passionate about exploring various forms of artistic expression and considering careers in the arts or further studies in art-related fields

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