Course Overview

The VCE Gateway Programme serves as a preparatory bridge, specifically designed for students aspiring to pursue the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) in a global context, like that of Singapore. Recognizing the diverse educational backgrounds and unique aspirations of international students, this gateway programme eases the transition into the VCE curriculum, ensuring students are equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge.
Learning Outcomes
  • Strong Academic Foundations
    Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the VCE curriculum’s core components, readying them for the depth and rigor of senior secondary education.
  • Enhanced English Proficiency
    Given the medium of instruction, participants will sharpen their English language skills, both in terms of academic writing and verbal communication, aligning with the standards expected in the VCE.
  • Holistic Development
    Beyond academics, the programme emphasizes character building, leadership skills, and personal growth, ensuring students become well-rounded individuals.
  • Cultural Acclimatization
    For international students, the Gateway Programme offers a valuable opportunity to familiarize themselves with the academic culture and expectations inherent to the VCE, bridging any cultural or educational gaps.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
    Through a range of interdisciplinary studies and real-world applications, students enhance their analytical skills, preparing them for the challenges of the VCE and beyond.
  • Effective Study Strategies
    Students will learn and practice effective study techniques and time management skills, crucial for navigating the demanding VCE curriculum.
  • Career and Further Education Orientation
    By the end of the programme, students will have a clearer understanding of potential pathways after completing their VCE, be it tertiary education, specialized training, or direct employment.

Method On-campus or E-learning
Assessment Methods Coursework and Quizzes | Assignment | Exam (Practical and Paper-based)
Maximum Duration Min. 6 months to max. 12 months | No refund for failure to
complete course
  • English
  • Mathematics
Electives - Choice of minimum 2 subjects
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Principle Accounting
  • Business Fundamentals
  • French
Mode of study
  • Full-time
  • On campus
  • e-Learning (For international student only)
  • Minimum age: >15 years old
  • Language: Pass entrance Language assessment test (achieve at least a minimum of CEFR A2)
  • Completion of Grade 9 Lower/Junior Secondary School or equivalent

Course Information

The VCE Gateway Programme for Creative Arts Studies is an exciting and comprehensive pre-VCE study programme designed to ignite students’ passion for creative expression and prepare them for future studies in the field of creative arts. The programme focuses on nurturing artistic talents and developing foundational knowledge and English language skills necessary for academic and creative growth.

Admission Requirements

 Completed GCE ‘N’ Level/Grade 9 or Equivalent


Music | English requirements

ABRSM Grade 5 Practical & Theory

Pass entrance Language assessment test (at least a minimum of CEFR A2)

Course Intake | Duration


6 months, 24 teaching weeks

S$9000 (Singaporean) / S$13000 (SPR) / S$17000 (International)

Audition & Interview

2 Pieces of Music in contrasting style. 10 Mins

15 Mins Interview

Course Mode


Learning Methods

Delivery modes:

Hitmaker Programmes are conducted and delivered using the hybrid model of both online and blended learning approaches. The method allows students to learn flexibly with non-practical modules delivered online.

    • Online/Blended Learning; or
    • On-campus

Depending on the modules, assessment/examination may vary in way of:

    1. Course Assignment – Student is required to complete and submit instructions in the form of a written assignment
    2. Practical Examination – Student is assessed (especially music performance) in the form of live performance judging
    3. Application/Computer-based Examination
    4. Workshop Assignments – Student is assessed in a group context and normally given a set of tasks to complete
    5. Paper-based Examination
Teacher-student Ratio

The teacher to student ratio shall depend on factors such as:

1. The nature of the course/module:

      • Private Instructions | 1:1

2. The size of the premises:

      • Ensemble | 1:10
      • Tutorial | 1: 8
      • Music Production | 1:5
      • Instrumentals | 1:5
      • Lecture | 1:25

Covid Advisory – Due to the restrictions, class size is kept to the limitation of 1 – 2 metres distancing measures. Student shall expect a smaller class sizes or smaller cohort sizes.

Course Fees

Programme Fees

Singaporean SPR International
S$9,600.00 S$13,000.00 S$17,000.00

JAC Foundation Scholarship subsidises course fees for students, enabling them to fulfil their full potential. It also sponsors and supports costs for programmes and musical instruments. Eligible students will be given JAC Foundation Scholarship forms along with their Letters of Offer.

Application & Audition Fees

1. Pre-enrollment fees

Application fee S$50.00
Audition fee(If applicable) S$150.00

2. Enrollment fees

Registration fee S$300.00
Study Resources & Facility S$1,000.00


The VCE Gateway course comprises of a combination of multiple assessment methods depending on the design and nature of the course. Our programme emphasises a substantial amount of practical based elements that would require a combination of different assessment methods:

  • Practical / Live Performance Exam
  • Written Exam
  • Written and Practical Assignments
  • Workshop Assignments
  • Project Assignments
  • Examinations & Assignments: 60%
  • Workshop Assignment: 20%
  • Participation: 10%
  • Ethics: 10%
  • High Distinction (HD) – 90 Marks and Above
  • Distinction (D) – 75 to 89
  • Credit (C) – 60 to 74
  • Pass (P) – 50 to 59
  • Fail (F) – 49 Marks and below


EXPECTED AWARD CONFERMENT DATE | within 1 month after successful completion of all modules

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