Junior AcAdEmy Programes

Welcome to the Junior Academy

Our junior academy programmes are designed to develop young hit artist. Our courses focus on holistic music development in nurturing technical skills, musicianship and simulation of REAL music experiences such as concert performances, learning excursions, and project works that emphasise on Edutainment concept.

Facilities and Organizations

Our Programme and music instruments are sponsored and supported by the JAC Foundation. The foundation aimed to inspire the next generations of young music learners. At Hitmaker Global Academy, we are committed to maintaining our support towards the highest level of music education standard for our young learners. The learning outcome is presented in the chart as shown below.
PTA Organization

We are committed to meet the expectation of parents. We ensure communicating your child’s progress throughout their learning journey here with us by the end of each semester.

Email: junior_academy@hitmaker.sg

Concerts & Masterclasses
Mini Performance Review: Terms end
Masterclass: Before the Semester Review
Annual Concert: Year-end event
Exams & Certifications
We prepare all students to meet the requirement of the rigorous music graded exam for ABRSM and RSL (Pop). We are proud with our track record for excellent exam results.
Study Tours
Overseas study tours or excursion shall be organised periodically in the form of public performances or engagement with the REAL artist or industry professionals to enhance out of class experience.
REAL Projects
Students are encouraged or exposed to the REAL performance projects that will enhance their profile for personal professional development at a young stage. These project work are commissioned by the real industry partners for our student in the academy as part of their REAL practical experience learning.

From Our Principal

” Welcome to Hitmaker Junior. We believe in genuine and dedicated arts and music teaching by our expert and top musicians and educator. By learning from the best in the industry, our student learns faster with guaranteed results. Our Edutainment concept integrates music learning with fun and exciting practical learning experience. Come join us now!”


Redefining music learning through the experiential learning and be globalized
  • Learn only from the best tutor in Singapore & Globally
  • Conservatory style learning and mastery of skills
  • We believe learning is fun, and our tutors are fun
  • Periodic masterclasses from experts around the world
  • Annual performances
  • Progression tracking and result oriented learning
  • Guaranteed results
  • Holistic Edutainment Concept

Introducing HITMAKER Online

Hitmaker Online is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) created by Hitmaker Global Academy to provide our student with a robust learning platform. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the VLE is a proven and effective way to engage our students virtually, and value adds student’s learning experience.

HITMAKER Star Programmes

The Hitmaker STAR programmes are specially designed for inspiring young musician in the development of the creation and innovation aspect of music. Student learns to develop skills and in-depth learning in music theory skill, musician and aural training, and the creation of songs through music technologies.

HITMAKER Live Programmes

The Hitmaker LIVE programmes focus on music instrumental training. Our tutors are active creative industry professionals and qualified experienced musicians. In LIVE we train our students to meet the criteria for music grading examinations and groomed for real live performances.

HITMAKER Fame Programmes

The Hitmaker FAME programmes focus on grooming and aesthetic of the artistic aspect of our students. The course shall focus on presentation skills, discipline, and artistic appreciation. Student gain experience in the inter-disciplinary aspect of being an effective communicator which is an imperative and essential skill in today’s ever-dynamic world.

HITMAKER Make Programmes

The Hitmaker MAKE programmes focus on the essential skills of sales and negotiation techniques. We aim to groom how student make their way to the next level whether to achieve enrolment into a higher level of studies facing auditions or interviewing for a career opportunity or advancement. Student gain experience while learning with our industry experts with extensive top-level track records.

Special Piano Intensive Programmes

The Hitmaker Piano Programmes cater to student who is serious into specialising in piano and music performance learning. The programme aim to groom student holistically in performing skills, theory, musicianship and presentation in live performance. The programmes are supported by JAC foundation with special subsidised fees. Auditions & interview are mandatory.

Children Music Course (For Beginners)

The Children Music Course is a 2 year music course with lesson contents ranging from songs with words and actions, solfèges, simple theory of music, music appreciation, music and movements, keyboard playing, percussion instrument learning, and ensemble playing. As we emphasise on holistic learning experience, students will perform in mini concert for every semester and an annual concert. The academy will also be organising music excursions that allows our students to learn from the REAL environment producing of REAL work as their project work.

Duration: 11 Lessons Per Term

Class size: 8

Course fee: S$460 per term

Class timing: Saturdays, 10am – 11am

Children Group Piano Course

The Children Group Piano Course is designed as a 4-year piano specialised course linked to the ABRSM grading exam. The lesson contents are ABRSM piano playing techniques with repertoire, scales, and arpeggios), ABRSM music theory syllabus, ABRSM Aural Test syllabus, sight singing, percussion instruments playing, and ensemble training. Our holistic development shall consist of a class mini-concert for every semester, and an annual concert and review writing. Students will also be exposed to masterclass learning style conducted by famous and highly qualified music tutors from local and international. The academy will also be organising music excursions that allow our students to learn from the REAL environment producing of REAL work as their project work.

Duration: 11 Lessons Per Term

Class size: 8

Course fee: S$460 per term

Class timing: Saturdays, 11am – 12pm

Our Musicians & Artists

Ms Chang Hong

Piano/Pop Piano | YSTCM, NUS

Mr Jeff Miyahara

Music Production | J-POP, Japan

Ms Deanna Woo

Artist Management & Presentation Skills | J-POP, Japan

Mr Scott Huang

Music Theory | University of New South Wales

Mr Wang Wei

Music Theory | New England Conservatory of Music

Ms Christine Sham

Keyboard & Pop Piano | Berklee College of Music

Mr Wilson Ong

Aural & Solfège | YSTCM, NUS

Mr Matthew Siew

Jazz Piano | Queensland University of Technology

Mr Noah Abdul

Saxaphone | London College of Music

Ms Amanda Zhu

Cello | Royal Conservatory of Music

Mr Li Boyi

Violin | Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

Mr Oliver Mando

Music Production & Guitar | University of West London

Mr Jerry Poh Qingle

Music Production & Piano/Keyboard | Nanyang Technological University

Mr Derrick Ong

DJ & Music Production

Mr Maqrius Foo

Dance | Nanyang Technological University

Mr Shane Goh

Music Production & Piano | University of West Australia

Ms Yvonne Teo

Pop Music Theory & Film Scoring | Berklee College of Music

Mr Bernard Gregory Marsh


Mr Xu Zhong

Cello | Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Ms Wang Luyao

Double Bass | Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

Mr Hogan Kenneth Shaun


Ms Rynn Teo

Piano & Vocal | Master of Music, UK

Mr Colin Yong

Bass Guitar, Flute, Piano & Production | National University of Singapore

Mr Zhang Chi

Violin | Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

Mr Shawn Kok

Percussion, Cajun & Music Production | Master of Music (Boston University), Master of Digital Media (University of Newcastle) & BA Audio Production (Middlesex University)

Mr Jason Chong

Music Production & Sound Design | JMC Academy Australia

Ms Reina Teo

Violin | LTCL Violin Performance

Mr Junior Tan

Singer-Songwriter, Theory Studies & Music Production | Lasalle college of the Arts

Mr Eugene Seow

Composer, Arranger, Drummer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Jazz Composition & Performance | Berklee College of Music

Ms Ng Sok Wah

Piano & Percussion | Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Ms Ng Siang Yi

Piano & French Horn | Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

Mr Ma Yue

Clarinet | Central Conservatory of Music

Mr Daryl Tay

Guitarist & Arranger | Classical, Electric, Acoustic & Ukulele | Singapore Polytechnics, Audio Arts

Mr Leo Liew

Vocalist & Guitar | Pop Rock | Singapore Polytechnics, Audio Arts

Ms Alexandra Hsieh

Pop Vocal | Lassalle College of the Arts

Ms Rosanne

Pop Dance | Lasalle College of the Arts

Our Upcoming Curricular Events & Activities


Jan 2019

Term 1 Children Music/Group Piano Course starts

Term 1 starts from 5th January 2019. Click here to register a place with us.

Fee info

$460 course fee / $38 Material fees (included books and percussion kit)


Jan 2019

International Ensemble Competition 2019

This is an annual event for group music playing competition

Event Info

Competition is open to amateurs and advanced level students from as young as below 8 to 23 years old. Participants get to compete in an international stage and learn from the best musicians from around the world.


Jun 2019

1st Semester Mini Concert

Student mini performance for the 1st-semester course performance review

Event Info

The mini-concert will be held on the last lesson as a review of students performance including parents’ review meeting.


Jun 2019

Term 1 Children Music/Group Piano Course starts

Term 1 starts from 5th January 2019. Click here to register a place with us.

Event Info

The start of semester 2 of the Children Music/Group Piano Course.


Jul 2019

International Solo Competition

The Singapore International Solo Competition will be held in the beautiful garden city – Our judges of the competition came from famous music conservatories or professional orchestras from China, Australia and Singapore.


Oct 2019

Australian International Music Competition

This is the first overseas competition organised by the Hitmaker Global Academy featuring the top Australian judges such as Ms Alice Waten, Ms Charmian Gadd, Mr Phillip Shock, Dr Alice Wong, Mr Michael Bardon.


Nov 2019

The inauguration of the Stanfort Faculty of Music

The official announcement of the founding of new music higher education cooperation with Stanfort Academy


Nov 2019

The New Hitmaker Global Academy Campus

Hitmaker Global Academy starts renovation of our state of the art new music campus


Jan 2020

International Ensemble Competition 2020

This is the annual music group international classical music competition held at Our Tampines Hub. This year’s event features professional competitors from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Central Conservatory of Music, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory, Xinghai Conservatory and many more.


Feb 2020

The International SeaKeepers Song Writing Competition

The event features the collaboration between The SeaKeepers Society, Asia and Hitmaker Global Academy in creating awareness in ocean reservations. This year, the theme “What A Wonderful World” – seek to promote awareness through music. Judges are, Mr Jeff Miyahara, Mr Julian Chang, Mr Jeremy Monteiro & Mr Eric Wong.


Feb 2020

The Official Opening of the Hitmaker Campus @ OTH

The new Hitmaker Global Academy campus is proudly open now at Our Tampines Hub. We are glad to receive support from our partners from J-POP, JD Entertainment, and honoured to received blessings from the professors from YSTCM, NUS and the Dean, Prof. Bernard Lanskey


Apr 2020

The Launch of Hitmaker Online, Virtual Learning Environment

Amid the COVID-19, Hitmaker launched the Hitmaker Online to support and adapt to the imminent changing global operating landscape. The Hitmaker Online is hosted in a separate website at www.hitmakeronline.com hosting all our contents that will enable our student to be engaged with a holistic learning platform.

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