Policies & Processes

Academic Year

For the majority of programmes offered, the academic year at Hitmaker Global Academy (hereafter referred to as HGA) is divided into three 12-week trimesters, which begin in January, May, and September. There are a few special case programmes with alternate semester dates that will be communicated to the students where applicable.

The Academic Calendar will be made available to prospective students.

Pre-Course Counselling

Prior to the submission of application, student is advised to attend a Pre-Course Counselling conducted by the school or an authorised agent. Student is obliged to have a thorough understanding of the school, programmes offerings, entry and graduate requirements, programme outcomes, and other important matters published in the Advisory Notes.

Audition Process

HGA will work with the appropriate academic specialists to schedule an audition time and location. The prospective student will then be notified of the audition details and receive confirmation of the audition date, time, and location.

Prospective students perform two contrasting pieces of up to 15 mins (depending on programme) and two online tests concerning music theory and sight-singing/reading. Thereafter, a panel of academic specialists evaluate the performance of prospective students using a standard audition assessment form. The form will then be submitted to HGA administration. Final approval lies with the school management.

Admission Process

After the audition process, HGA will begin the admission process on selected applicants.

If a prospect is deemed unsuitable, the Registrar informs them and expresses gratitude for their interest in a rejection letter.

For qualified prospects, the Registrar notifies them of their acceptance to the school and programme of study by providing a Conditional Offer Letter (COL) with an attached Acceptance Form. Additionally, the registrar lists the documents that must be presented for verification.

Students send the signed Acceptance Form to the registrar with the relevant documentation to confirm their admission to the College and programme of study. HGA then authenticates the documents. If all papers are valid and in order, the Registrar verifies the students’ placement by providing them a letter titled Confirmation of Acceptance of Study (CAS). If the school discovers that the applicant’s documents are defective, the school terminates the applicant’s application.

Upon receipt of signed CAS forms and tuition fees, the student will sign the Advisory Note and the Standard Student Contract. HGA then enrols students in their chosen course of study by putting their information into the student registration system.

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