Andy Wong, renowned for his strategic leadership in music education and business development, takes another stride in his distinguished career as he assumes the role of Adjunct Professor at Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS) and secures the Fellowship for the Centre of Scholarship and Research. These prestigious appointments not only honor Andy’s relentless pursuit of excellence in education and research but also underscore his influential position within the global music and creative arts industry.

For over 15 years, Andy has been a transformative figure in the field of education, beginning with his role as the Principal of Singapore Raffles Music College from 2008 to 2016. His tenure was marked by a student-centric approach that seamlessly blended traditional learning methods with pioneering pedagogies, laying the groundwork for a holistic education framework.

From 2016 to 2018, Andy ventured into the e-commerce domain, demonstrating his versatile skill set by spearheading the development of an all-encompassing automated e-business platform. His work with See Chic, an online optometry services platform, made waves in the digital landscape and was recognized as a disruptive force in Euromonitor.

A pivotal encounter with renowned music producer Jeff Miyahara in 2014 sparked a collaboration that led to the creation of the Hitmaker methodology in 2015. This novel experiential learning model blended traditional classroom education with online learning and practical industry exposure. Co-founding the Hitmaker Global Academy in 2018 with Miyahara and Chang Hong marked the culmination of this innovative educational philosophy.

Under Andy’s leadership, the academy has incorporated the expertise of Grammy Award-winning professionals such as Jon Rezin and Miles Walker into its curriculum. This strategic alliance provides students with firsthand industry experiences through the Global Experience (GEX) Workshops, enhancing their learning and equipping them with relevant skills for their future careers.

Hitmaker Global Academy’s distinct and impactful approach to music and creative arts education has led to multiple accolades under Andy’s stewardship, including the esteemed SME100 award. The unique educational model that he helped develop has also sparked interest for potential sponsorship of the proposed Hitmaker – Jeff Miyahara Research Centre in Kunming, Yunnan, China.

Andy’s passion for education extends to his contributions as a guest lecturer at prestigious institutions and forums, sharing his expertise in areas such as negotiation skills, entrepreneurship, finance, and more. A lifelong learner, Andy holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Manchester, UK, and is currently pursuing his PhD.

As he assumes his new roles as Adjunct Professor at UBSS and Fellow at the Centre of Scholarship and Research, Andy Wong continues to be a driving force in reshaping the global creative arts education landscape. His innovative vision of integrating award-winning industry expertise into educational programs sets a new standard for a comprehensive, practical, and globally relevant education in music and creative arts. His leadership has positioned Hitmaker Global Academy at the forefront of music education, celebrating a string of prestigious awards and setting the stage for future achievements.

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