SINGAPORE, July 20, 2023 – Yesterday, the esteemed Hitmaker Global Academy hosted a high-profile forum discussing the ever-evolving Music Entertainment Industry and the notable success of Fearless in managing the recent tour of Japan’s top solo artist, Nissy.

The forum, moderated by acclaimed music producer and entrepreneur Jeff Miyahara, provided an exclusive insight into the music industry’s latest developments and Fearless’s game-changing approach to artist management.

Esteemed panelists from Fearless, Mr. Yuji Hirose, Director and Head of Business Development, and Ms. Yumi Ito, Director of International Business Affairs, shared the stage with Mr. Peter Wong, Executive Producer of Hitmaker Global Academy.

The panelists examined the strategies and processes that contributed to the tremendous success of Nissy’s recent Japan tour, highlighting Fearless’s innovative approach to artist development, tour planning, and execution. The audience gained invaluable insights into what goes on behind the scenes of a top-charting artist’s concert tour, from the initial concept to the final performance.

The forum also underscored the significance of effective international collaboration in the music industry. Fearless’s ability to maintain a seamless relationship with foreign stakeholders, such as Hitmaker Global Academy, was identified as a key factor in the successful organization and promotion of Nissy’s tour.

The event concluded with an interactive Q&A session, where the audience engaged directly with the panelists, diving deeper into the complexities and nuances of managing an international music tour.

“We’re delighted to host such a forward-thinking forum,” said Hitmaker Global Academy in a statement. “The expertise shared by our esteemed panelists from Fearless and Mr. Wong truly enlightened our students and faculty on the intricacies of managing a successful international music tour.”

The Hitmaker Global Academy continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing real-world, practical knowledge to its students. Future events, including forums and masterclasses, are already in the pipeline, promising more opportunities for learning and engagement with industry professionals.

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About Hitmaker Global Academy: Hitmaker Global Academy is a leading educational institution that offers a comprehensive program in music production and business. Their curriculum is designed to empower the next generation of music professionals with the necessary skills to navigate the evolving music industry successfully.

About Jeff Miyahara: Jeff Miyahara is a renowned music producer and entrepreneur with a career spanning over two decades. He has worked with numerous top-charting artists and has a deep understanding of the business and creative sides of music production. Miyahara is passionate about education and regularly shares his knowledge and experiences through masterclasses and workshops.

About Fearless Inc.: Fearless is a leading music management company with a reputation for propelling artists to new heights. Specializing in artist development, tour planning, and execution, Fearless has demonstrated a unique ability to shape careers and introduce innovative approaches in the music entertainment industry. Fearless’s latest success story is the recent tour of Japan’s top solo artist, Nissy, which received widespread acclaim for its seamless organization and execution. The company’s commitment to excellence, artist-centric approach, and innovative mindset underscore its position as a powerhouse in the music industry.

About Peter Elijah Wong: Wong’s illustrious discography encompasses a series of successful collaborations with renowned artists including Qi Qin, Xu Ruyun, Ke Yimin, Coco Lee, Tanya Tsai, Nicholas Tse, Power Station, Dick The Cowboy, Li Dai Mo, Wu Mo Chou, and Zhang Hui Mei (Ah Mei). Further, he has partnered with several prodigious Asian Arts & Crafts artists such as Jin Chi, Mindy Quah, Yu Hong Ming, Eason Chan, Tsai Jian Ya, Peng Ling, and Zheng Yi Ming, among others.

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