SINGAPORE – Hitmaker Global Academy, a leading music and creative arts education provider, is pleased to announce the establishment of its new high school campus at Alliance Française, located at 1 Sarkies Road, Singapore. This strategic expansion aims to enrich the music education landscape in the region and offer students a world-class, comprehensive creative arts curriculum.

This venture not only signifies the academy’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering creative minds but also reflects its pioneering spirit in integrating the best of the East and West educational models. The collaboration with Alliance Française adds a significant dimension to this ambitious project, introducing French VCE courses into the academy’s dynamic curriculum.

“Hitmaker Global Academy has always been about providing REAL Practical Learning Experiences. This new high school campus takes our mission a step further, giving students a more holistic education that includes a focus on language and cultural immersion,” says Chang Hong, CEO and co-founder of Hitmaker Global Academy.

In partnership with Alliance Française, the academy will offer a French VCE course, providing students with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the French language and culture, which will serve them in an increasingly globalised music industry.

The new campus is a testament to Hitmaker Global Academy’s unique blend of traditional classroom learning, online platform, and hands-on practical experiences. It continues to bring together award-winning creative industry experts, including Grammy winners and nominees, to guide and mentor the students. This innovative approach, enriched by the addition of language and cultural studies, ensures students receive a well-rounded education to equip them for the dynamic and evolving world of music and creative arts.

The opening of the new campus marks a new era for Hitmaker Global Academy. It represents a significant stride towards a more diverse, inclusive, and innovative educational model, transforming music and creative arts education in the region and worldwide.

For more information on the new campus and its courses, please visit Hitmaker Global Academy’s website at

About Hitmaker Global Academy: Hitmaker Global Academy is a leading provider of music and creative arts education, offering a unique blend of classroom instruction, online learning, and practical experience. Founded by industry veterans Chang Hong, Andy Wong, and Jeff Miyahara, the academy leverages their combined expertise and network to deliver an unparalleled educational experience. Hitmaker Global Academy is committed to nurturing the next generation of musicians, artists, and industry leaders through innovative, real-world learning experiences.

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